S&S Property Service Lawn Care Program with Option of Grub Control

Lawn Care Des Moines & Polk City Iowa

After many years of lawn service, we’ve had best results by applying five applications evenly spaced throughout the growing season.

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Aeration Des Moines & Polk City Iowa

If there was ever a secret ingredient for making your lawn healthy, it would have to be aeration.

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Bush Trimmings

 Bush Trimming Des Moines & Polk City IowaIf you would like your bushes trimmed and maintained but just don't have the time (or patience), we can make them beautiful for you.

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Fertilizing Des Moines & Polk City Iowa

For most people, there is nothing more confusing than fertilizing when it comes to lawn care. Fertilizing is absolutely essential to have a healthy, thick, and green lawn.

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Everyone wants a beautiful well manicured lawn, but few have the time to keep it that way. Mowing your lawn is one of the most important things you can do to keep it healthy and growing.

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Mulching Des Moines & Polk City Iowa

Mulching material is placed on the soil surface around trees, bushes, and walkways to hold moisture, retard weed growth, and improve soil conditions.

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Top Dressing

Top Dressing Des Moines & Polk City Iowa

Top dressing or organic lawn dressing is the difference between your lawn built on dead soil and living soil. We believe living soil is better.

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Weed Control Services

Mulching Des Moines & Polk City IowaIf weeds are rampant in your yard just give us a call for a free estimate on Weed Control. 

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